Artist. Designer. Human.



Originally from Germany, I´m a  ceramic artist based in Valencia, Spain for almost 20 years where I  completed my studies at Escuela d´Art i Superior de Ceràmic de Manises. What I like most is creating personalised  porcelain and stoneware crockery for restaurants or personal use. I believe that inspiration can be found wherever one chooses to look. To find out more about me and my work, feel free to get in touch.



I have a predilection for useful things and therefore always end up making functional design objects. I believe they can bring their users small moments of joy and comfort in every day life, simply by looking at them, touching them, knowing that somebody made them by hand with lots of dedication and love.



My final degree project defends that porcelain may also be portable, reinforcing the awareness, that we need to STOP producing plastic waste and one way to do so is reducing the use of disposable cups, plates and bottles.

I named this set She-va.

There was a contest last year to design some plates for the two-star Michelin restaurant, Ricard Camarena, and I was chosen to partake.


This is a fun video about She-va´s first day out!



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